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Coaches with Game Conflicts that arise after the schedules are
released must use this web page to request a game swap with other teams.
Only exceptions: MassHockey State Tournaments & USAHockey National Tournament

Note:  If you receive an SMTP error, try accessing this page on the web site.

  • Before initiating a "swap", we strongly recomment that you review the Conflict Spreadsheet. This may help you avoid requesting a swap with a team that already has a known conflict.
  • Sorry, no Cross-Ice games can be rescheduled!
Current Youth schedules

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Requesting Coach's Team: Requestor's Email:
Currently Scheduled Games Proposed for a Swap   (select date first, then select a specific game)

Game 1:        

Game 2:        

Reason for Asking if Other Teams are willing/able to Swap: (max 225 char)    

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The coach of the  team ( has asked if you could consider swapping the date and time of these two Northstar Ice Sports games:

Division   Pair1   Date/Time1  
Division   Pair2   Date/Time2 

If all teams accept the proposed swap, the new game times would be:

Division   Pair1   Date/Time2  
Division   Pair2   Date/Time1 

The reason for making this request is:


Northstar Ice Sports

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Note: This email was generated and sent from on the Northstar web site by a coach requesting a game swap. The email address,, is not monitored, and messages sent to the address will not be seen by rink staff. Questions concerning swap requests should be directed to the coach requesting the swap.

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