A list of Available Ice is shown immediately below the Ice Rental Request Form.

Ice Rental Request Form
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If I don't provide a Certificate of Insurance, I understand I must provide the rink with a signed liability waiver from all Skaters prior to skating. Liability Waiver Forms:
Individual Liability Waiver
Multi-Player Liability Waiver
Ice is NOT CONFIRMED NOR RESERVED until payment has been invoiced, received, and processed.

3% processing fee will be added to all credit card transactions.

Ice Available for Rent

The list below shows tentatively unscheduled ice over the next 60 days. Note that other sheets may be available to rent.
Please contact JoAnne at jbliss@northstaricesports.com for confirmation.

Ice Rental Cost:
Weekday Prime (4:50pm - 9:50pm)
Weekday NonPrime (6:00am - 4:50pm and after 10:00pm)

Weekday PrimeWeekendWeekday NonPrimeSummer

DateDayStart TimeEnd TimeRink
4/3/2020Fri6:20 AM7:20 AMA
4/3/2020Fri7:30 AM8:30 AMA
4/3/2020Fri8:40 AM9:40 AMA
4/3/2020Fri9:50 AM10:50 AMA
4/3/2020Fri11:00 AM12:20 PMA
4/3/2020Fri12:30 PM1:20 PMA
4/3/2020Fri1:30 PM2:40 PMA
4/3/2020Fri2:50 PM3:40 PMA
4/3/2020Fri3:50 PM4:50 PMA
4/3/2020Fri7:00 AM8:00 AMB
4/3/2020Fri8:10 AM9:10 AMB
4/3/2020Fri9:20 AM10:20 AMB
4/3/2020Fri10:30 AM11:30 AMB
4/3/2020Fri11:40 AM12:40 PMB
4/3/2020Fri12:50 PM2:15 PMB
4/3/2020Fri10:00 PM10:55 PMB
4/3/2020Fri6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/3/2020Fri7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/3/2020Fri8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/3/2020Fri9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/3/2020Fri10:50 AM11:50 AMC
4/3/2020Fri12:00 PM12:50 PMC
4/3/2020Fri1:00 PM2:15 PMC
4/3/2020Fri2:25 PM2:50 PMC
4/3/2020Fri3:00 PM3:20 PMC
4/3/2020Fri3:30 PM4:50 PMC
4/3/2020Fri9:50 PM10:45 PMC
4/4/2020Sat5:50 AM6:40 AMC
4/4/2020Sat6:50 AM7:30 AMC
4/4/2020Sat6:50 PM7:50 PMC
4/4/2020Sat8:00 PM9:00 PMC
4/4/2020Sat9:10 PM10:05 PMC
4/5/2020Sun6:00 AM6:50 AMB
4/5/2020Sun3:50 PM4:50 PMB
4/5/2020Sun5:00 PM6:00 PMB
4/5/2020Sun7:10 PM8:10 PMB
4/5/2020Sun8:20 PM9:15 PMB
4/6/2020Mon7:00 AM8:00 AMA
4/6/2020Mon8:10 AM9:10 AMA
4/6/2020Mon9:20 AM10:20 AMA
4/6/2020Mon10:30 AM11:30 AMA
4/6/2020Mon11:40 AM12:50 PMA
4/6/2020Mon8:30 PM9:30 PMA
4/6/2020Mon9:40 PM10:35 PMA
4/6/2020Mon6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/6/2020Mon7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/6/2020Mon8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/6/2020Mon9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/6/2020Mon10:50 AM11:50 AMC
4/6/2020Mon12:00 PM12:50 PMC
4/6/2020Mon1:00 PM2:00 PMC
4/6/2020Mon2:10 PM2:50 PMC
4/6/2020Mon3:00 PM3:50 PMC
4/6/2020Mon4:00 PM4:50 PMC
4/6/2020Mon10:15 PM11:10 PMC
4/7/2020Tue6:20 AM7:20 AMA
4/7/2020Tue7:30 AM9:05 AMA
4/7/2020Tue10:00 AM11:10 AMA
4/7/2020Tue11:20 AM12:20 PMA
4/7/2020Tue9:10 PM10:15 PMA
4/7/2020Tue10:25 PM11:20 PMA
4/7/2020Tue7:00 AM8:00 AMB
4/7/2020Tue8:10 AM9:10 AMB
4/7/2020Tue9:20 AM10:20 AMB
4/7/2020Tue10:30 AM11:30 AMB
4/7/2020Tue11:40 AM12:50 PMB
4/7/2020Tue7:30 PM8:30 PMB
4/7/2020Tue8:40 PM9:40 PMB
4/7/2020Tue9:50 PM10:45 PMB
4/7/2020Tue6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/7/2020Tue7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/7/2020Tue8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/7/2020Tue9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/7/2020Tue10:50 AM11:50 AMC
4/7/2020Tue12:00 PM12:50 PMC
4/7/2020Tue2:50 PM3:50 PMC
4/7/2020Tue5:10 PM6:00 PMC
4/7/2020Tue8:30 PM9:30 PMC
4/7/2020Tue9:40 PM10:35 PMC
4/8/2020Wed7:30 AM8:30 AMA
4/8/2020Wed8:40 AM9:40 AMA
4/8/2020Wed9:50 AM10:50 AMA
4/8/2020Wed11:00 AM12:50 PMA
4/8/2020Wed5:00 PM6:00 PMA
4/8/2020Wed9:40 PM10:40 PMA
4/8/2020Wed10:50 PM11:45 PMA
4/8/2020Wed6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/8/2020Wed7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/8/2020Wed8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/8/2020Wed9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/8/2020Wed10:50 AM12:20 PMC
4/8/2020Wed2:10 PM4:30 PMC
4/8/2020Wed9:40 PM10:40 PMC
4/8/2020Wed10:50 PM11:45 PMC
4/9/2020Thu6:40 AM7:40 AMA
4/9/2020Thu7:50 AM8:50 AMA
4/9/2020Thu9:00 AM10:00 AMA
4/9/2020Thu10:10 AM11:10 AMA
4/9/2020Thu11:20 AM12:20 PMA
4/9/2020Thu12:30 PM1:30 PMA
4/9/2020Thu1:40 PM2:50 PMA
4/9/2020Thu3:00 PM3:50 PMA
4/9/2020Thu4:00 PM4:50 PMA
4/9/2020Thu5:00 PM6:00 PMA
4/9/2020Thu9:40 PM10:40 PMA
4/9/2020Thu10:50 PM11:45 PMA
4/9/2020Thu6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/9/2020Thu7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/9/2020Thu8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/9/2020Thu9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/9/2020Thu10:50 AM11:50 AMC
4/9/2020Thu12:00 PM12:50 PMC
4/9/2020Thu1:00 PM2:00 PMC
4/9/2020Thu2:10 PM2:50 PMC
4/9/2020Thu3:00 PM3:50 PMC
4/9/2020Thu4:00 PM5:00 PMC
4/9/2020Thu9:10 PM10:05 PMC
4/9/2020Thu10:15 PM11:10 PMC
4/10/2020Fri6:20 AM7:20 AMA
4/10/2020Fri7:30 AM8:30 AMA
4/10/2020Fri8:40 AM9:40 AMA
4/10/2020Fri9:50 AM10:50 AMA
4/10/2020Fri11:00 AM12:20 PMA
4/10/2020Fri12:30 PM1:20 PMA
4/10/2020Fri1:30 PM2:15 PMA
4/10/2020Fri6:10 PM7:10 PMA
4/10/2020Fri7:20 PM8:20 PMA
4/10/2020Fri8:30 PM9:30 PMA
4/10/2020Fri9:40 PM10:35 PMA
4/10/2020Fri6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/10/2020Fri7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/10/2020Fri8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/10/2020Fri9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/10/2020Fri10:50 AM11:50 AMC
4/10/2020Fri12:00 PM12:50 PMC
4/10/2020Fri1:00 PM2:15 PMC
4/10/2020Fri2:25 PM2:50 PMC
4/10/2020Fri3:00 PM3:20 PMC
4/10/2020Fri3:30 PM4:50 PMC
4/10/2020Fri6:00 PM7:10 PMC
4/10/2020Fri9:50 PM10:45 PMC
4/11/2020Sat10:10 AM11:00 AMA
4/11/2020Sat11:10 AM12:20 PMA
4/11/2020Sat12:30 PM1:40 PMA
4/11/2020Sat1:50 PM3:00 PMA
4/11/2020Sat3:10 PM4:20 PMA
4/11/2020Sat4:30 PM5:40 PMA
4/11/2020Sat5:50 PM7:00 PMA
4/11/2020Sat7:10 PM8:20 PMA
4/11/2020Sat8:30 PM9:40 PMA
4/11/2020Sat9:50 PM10:45 PMA
4/11/2020Sat5:50 AM6:40 AMC
4/11/2020Sat6:50 AM7:50 AMC
4/11/2020Sat1:00 PM2:00 PMC
4/11/2020Sat2:10 PM3:10 PMC
4/11/2020Sat3:20 PM4:20 PMC
4/11/2020Sat4:30 PM5:30 PMC
4/11/2020Sat5:40 PM6:40 PMC
4/11/2020Sat6:50 PM7:50 PMC
4/11/2020Sat8:00 PM9:00 PMC
4/11/2020Sat9:10 PM10:05 PMC
4/13/2020Mon7:00 AM8:00 AMA
4/13/2020Mon8:10 AM9:10 AMA
4/13/2020Mon9:20 AM10:20 AMA
4/13/2020Mon10:30 AM11:30 AMA
4/13/2020Mon11:40 AM12:50 PMA
4/13/2020Mon5:10 PM6:00 PMA
4/13/2020Mon6:10 PM7:10 PMA
4/13/2020Mon7:20 PM8:20 PMA
4/13/2020Mon8:30 PM9:30 PMA
4/13/2020Mon9:40 PM10:35 PMA
4/13/2020Mon6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/13/2020Mon7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/13/2020Mon8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/13/2020Mon9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/13/2020Mon10:50 AM12:20 PMC
4/13/2020Mon12:30 PM1:20 PMC
4/13/2020Mon1:30 PM2:15 PMC
4/13/2020Mon2:25 PM2:50 PMC
4/13/2020Mon3:00 PM3:50 PMC
4/13/2020Mon4:00 PM5:10 PMC
4/13/2020Mon5:20 PM6:20 PMC
4/13/2020Mon6:30 PM7:30 PMC
4/13/2020Mon7:40 PM9:00 PMC
4/13/2020Mon9:10 PM9:50 PMC
4/13/2020Mon10:00 PM10:55 PMC
4/14/2020Tue7:00 AM8:00 AMA
4/14/2020Tue8:10 AM9:05 AMA
4/14/2020Tue10:30 AM11:30 AMA
4/14/2020Tue11:40 AM12:50 PMA
4/14/2020Tue6:20 PM7:20 PMA
4/14/2020Tue8:40 PM9:40 PMA
4/14/2020Tue9:50 PM10:45 PMA
4/14/2020Tue6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/14/2020Tue7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/14/2020Tue8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/14/2020Tue9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/14/2020Tue10:50 AM12:20 PMC
4/14/2020Tue2:25 PM2:40 PMC
4/14/2020Tue2:50 PM3:50 PMC
4/14/2020Tue5:10 PM6:20 PMC
4/14/2020Tue6:30 PM7:30 PMC
4/14/2020Tue7:40 PM8:40 PMC
4/14/2020Tue8:50 PM9:50 PMC
4/14/2020Tue10:00 PM10:55 PMC
4/15/2020Wed7:00 AM9:10 AMA
4/15/2020Wed9:20 AM10:20 AMA
4/15/2020Wed10:30 AM11:30 AMA
4/15/2020Wed11:40 AM12:50 PMA
4/15/2020Wed6:30 PM7:30 PMA
4/15/2020Wed7:40 PM8:40 PMA
4/15/2020Wed8:50 PM9:50 PMA
4/15/2020Wed10:00 PM10:55 PMA
4/15/2020Wed6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/15/2020Wed7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/15/2020Wed8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/15/2020Wed9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/15/2020Wed10:50 AM12:20 PMC
4/15/2020Wed2:25 PM2:40 PMC
4/15/2020Wed2:50 PM4:30 PMC
4/15/2020Wed7:20 PM8:20 PMC
4/15/2020Wed8:30 PM9:30 PMC
4/15/2020Wed9:40 PM10:40 PMC
4/15/2020Wed10:50 PM11:45 PMC
4/16/2020Thu7:00 AM8:00 AMA
4/16/2020Thu8:10 AM9:10 AMA
4/16/2020Thu9:20 AM10:20 AMA
4/16/2020Thu10:30 AM11:30 AMA
4/16/2020Thu11:40 AM12:50 PMA
4/16/2020Thu6:20 PM7:20 PMA
4/16/2020Thu7:30 PM8:30 PMA
4/16/2020Thu8:40 PM9:40 PMA
4/16/2020Thu9:50 PM10:45 PMA
4/16/2020Thu6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/16/2020Thu7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/16/2020Thu8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/16/2020Thu9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/16/2020Thu10:50 AM12:20 PMC
4/16/2020Thu2:25 PM2:50 PMC
4/16/2020Thu3:00 PM3:50 PMC
4/16/2020Thu5:10 PM6:20 PMC
4/16/2020Thu6:30 PM7:30 PMC
4/16/2020Thu7:40 PM8:40 PMC
4/16/2020Thu8:50 PM9:50 PMC
4/16/2020Thu10:00 PM10:55 PMC
4/17/2020Fri7:00 AM8:00 AMA
4/17/2020Fri8:10 AM9:10 AMA
4/17/2020Fri9:20 AM10:20 AMA
4/17/2020Fri10:30 AM11:30 AMA
4/17/2020Fri11:40 AM12:40 PMA
4/17/2020Fri12:50 PM2:15 PMA
4/17/2020Fri5:20 PM6:20 PMA
4/17/2020Fri6:30 PM7:30 PMA
4/17/2020Fri7:40 PM8:40 PMA
4/17/2020Fri8:50 PM9:50 PMA
4/17/2020Fri10:00 PM10:55 PMA
4/17/2020Fri6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/17/2020Fri7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/17/2020Fri8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/17/2020Fri9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/17/2020Fri10:50 AM12:20 PMC
4/17/2020Fri12:30 PM1:20 PMC
4/17/2020Fri1:30 PM2:15 PMC
4/17/2020Fri2:25 PM2:50 PMC
4/17/2020Fri3:00 PM3:20 PMC
4/17/2020Fri3:30 PM4:50 PMC
4/17/2020Fri6:00 PM7:10 PMC
4/17/2020Fri7:20 PM7:30 PMC
4/17/2020Fri7:40 PM8:30 PMC
4/17/2020Fri8:40 PM9:40 PMC
4/17/2020Fri9:50 PM10:45 PMC
4/18/2020Sat10:20 AM11:20 AMA
4/18/2020Sat11:30 AM12:30 PMA
4/18/2020Sat12:40 PM1:40 PMA
4/18/2020Sat1:50 PM2:50 PMA
4/18/2020Sat3:00 PM4:00 PMA
4/18/2020Sat4:10 PM5:10 PMA
4/18/2020Sat5:20 PM6:20 PMA
4/18/2020Sat6:30 PM7:30 PMA
4/18/2020Sat7:40 PM8:40 PMA
4/18/2020Sat8:50 PM9:45 PMA
4/18/2020Sat6:00 AM6:50 AMC
4/18/2020Sat7:00 AM7:50 AMC
4/18/2020Sat1:00 PM2:00 PMC
4/18/2020Sat2:10 PM3:10 PMC
4/18/2020Sat3:20 PM4:20 PMC
4/18/2020Sat4:30 PM5:30 PMC
4/18/2020Sat5:40 PM6:40 PMC
4/18/2020Sat6:50 PM7:50 PMC
4/18/2020Sat8:00 PM9:00 PMC
4/18/2020Sat9:10 PM10:05 PMC
4/21/2020Tue7:00 AM8:00 AMA
4/21/2020Tue8:10 AM9:10 AMA
4/21/2020Tue9:20 AM10:20 AMA
4/21/2020Tue10:30 AM11:30 AMA
4/21/2020Tue11:40 AM12:40 PMA
4/21/2020Tue6:20 PM7:20 PMA
4/21/2020Tue7:30 PM8:30 PMA
4/21/2020Tue8:40 PM9:40 PMA
4/21/2020Tue9:50 PM10:45 PMA
4/21/2020Tue6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/21/2020Tue7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/21/2020Tue8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/21/2020Tue9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/21/2020Tue10:50 AM12:20 PMC
4/21/2020Tue2:25 PM2:40 PMC
4/21/2020Tue2:50 PM3:50 PMC
4/21/2020Tue5:10 PM6:00 PMC
4/21/2020Tue6:10 PM7:10 PMC
4/21/2020Tue7:20 PM8:20 PMC
4/21/2020Tue8:30 PM9:30 PMC
4/21/2020Tue9:40 PM10:35 PMC
4/22/2020Wed7:00 AM9:10 AMA
4/22/2020Wed9:20 AM10:20 AMA
4/22/2020Wed10:30 AM11:30 AMA
4/22/2020Wed11:40 AM12:40 PMA
4/22/2020Wed6:30 PM7:30 PMA
4/22/2020Wed7:40 PM8:40 PMA
4/22/2020Wed8:50 PM9:50 PMA
4/22/2020Wed10:00 PM10:55 PMA
4/22/2020Wed6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/22/2020Wed7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/22/2020Wed8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/22/2020Wed9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/22/2020Wed10:50 AM12:20 PMC
4/22/2020Wed2:25 PM2:40 PMC
4/22/2020Wed2:50 PM4:30 PMC
4/22/2020Wed7:20 PM8:20 PMC
4/22/2020Wed8:30 PM9:30 PMC
4/22/2020Wed9:40 PM10:40 PMC
4/22/2020Wed10:50 PM11:45 PMC
4/23/2020Thu6:20 PM7:20 PMA
4/23/2020Thu7:30 PM8:30 PMA
4/23/2020Thu8:40 PM9:40 PMA
4/23/2020Thu9:50 PM10:45 PMA
4/23/2020Thu6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/23/2020Thu2:25 PM2:50 PMC
4/23/2020Thu3:00 PM3:50 PMC
4/23/2020Thu5:10 PM6:00 PMC
4/23/2020Thu6:10 PM7:00 PMC
4/23/2020Thu7:10 PM8:00 PMC
4/23/2020Thu8:10 PM9:00 PMC
4/23/2020Thu9:10 PM10:05 PMC
4/23/2020Thu10:15 PM11:10 PMC
4/24/2020Fri7:00 AM8:00 AMA
4/24/2020Fri8:10 AM9:10 AMA
4/24/2020Fri9:20 AM10:20 AMA
4/24/2020Fri10:30 AM11:30 AMA
4/24/2020Fri11:40 AM12:40 PMA
4/24/2020Fri12:50 PM2:15 PMA
4/24/2020Fri5:20 PM6:20 PMA
4/24/2020Fri6:30 PM7:30 PMA
4/24/2020Fri7:40 PM8:40 PMA
4/24/2020Fri8:50 PM9:50 PMA
4/24/2020Fri10:00 PM10:55 PMA
4/24/2020Fri6:10 AM7:10 AMC
4/24/2020Fri7:20 AM8:20 AMC
4/24/2020Fri8:30 AM9:30 AMC
4/24/2020Fri9:40 AM10:40 AMC
4/24/2020Fri10:50 AM12:20 PMC
4/24/2020Fri12:30 PM1:20 PMC
4/24/2020Fri1:30 PM2:15 PMC
4/24/2020Fri2:25 PM2:50 PMC
4/24/2020Fri3:00 PM3:20 PMC
4/24/2020Fri3:30 PM4:50 PMC
4/24/2020Fri5:00 PM5:50 PMC
4/24/2020Fri6:00 PM7:10 PMC
4/24/2020Fri7:20 PM7:30 PMC
4/24/2020Fri7:40 PM8:30 PMC
4/24/2020Fri8:40 PM9:40 PMC
4/24/2020Fri9:50 PM10:45 PMC
4/25/2020Sat1:00 PM1:30 PMA
4/25/2020Sat6:00 AM6:50 AMC
4/25/2020Sat7:00 AM7:50 AMC
4/25/2020Sat11:50 AM12:50 PMC
4/27/2020Mon7:00 AM8:00 AMA
4/27/2020Mon8:10 AM9:10 AMA
4/27/2020Mon9:20 AM10:20 AMA
4/27/2020Mon10:30 AM11:30 AMA
4/27/2020Mon11:40 AM12:50 PMA
4/27/2020Mon7:10 PM8:00 PMA
4/27/2020Mon8:10 PM9:10 PMA
4/27/2020Mon9:20 PM10:15 PMA
4/27/2020Mon6:30 AM7:20 AMC
4/27/2020Mon7:30 AM8:20 AMC
4/27/2020Mon8:30 AM9:20 AMC
4/27/2020Mon9:30 AM10:20 AMC
4/27/2020Mon10:30 AM11:20 AMC
4/27/2020Mon11:30 AM12:20 PMC
4/27/2020Mon12:30 PM1:20 PMC
4/27/2020Mon1:30 PM2:50 PMC
4/27/2020Mon3:00 PM3:50 PMC
4/27/2020Mon4:00 PM4:50 PMC
4/27/2020Mon5:00 PM5:50 PMC
4/27/2020Mon6:00 PM6:50 PMC
4/27/2020Mon7:00 PM7:50 PMC
4/27/2020Mon8:00 PM9:00 PMC
4/27/2020Mon9:10 PM10:05 PMC
4/27/2020Mon10:15 PM11:10 PMC
4/28/2020Tue7:00 AM8:00 AMA
4/28/2020Tue8:10 AM9:05 AMA
4/28/2020Tue10:30 AM11:30 AMA
4/28/2020Tue11:40 AM12:50 PMA
4/28/2020Tue7:10 PM8:00 PMA
4/28/2020Tue8:10 PM9:10 PMA
4/28/2020Tue9:20 PM10:20 PMA
4/28/2020Tue10:30 PM11:25 PMA
4/28/2020Tue6:30 AM7:20 AMC
4/28/2020Tue7:30 AM8:20 AMC
4/28/2020Tue8:30 AM9:20 AMC
4/28/2020Tue9:30 AM10:20 AMC
4/28/2020Tue10:30 AM11:20 AMC
4/28/2020Tue11:30 AM12:20 PMC
4/28/2020Tue2:50 PM3:40 PMC
4/28/2020Tue3:50 PM4:50 PMC
4/28/2020Tue5:00 PM5:10 PMC
4/28/2020Tue5:20 PM6:10 PMC
4/28/2020Tue6:20 PM7:10 PMC
4/28/2020Tue7:20 PM8:10 PMC
4/28/2020Tue8:20 PM9:15 PMC
4/29/2020Wed8:10 AM9:10 AMA
4/29/2020Wed9:20 AM10:20 AMA
4/29/2020Wed10:30 AM11:30 AMA
4/29/2020Wed11:40 AM12:50 PMA
4/29/2020Wed7:20 PM8:20 PMA
4/29/2020Wed8:30 PM9:30 PMA
4/29/2020Wed9:40 PM10:35 PMA
4/29/2020Wed6:30 AM7:20 AMC
4/29/2020Wed7:30 AM8:20 AMC
4/29/2020Wed8:30 AM9:20 AMC
4/29/2020Wed9:30 AM10:20 AMC
4/29/2020Wed10:30 AM11:20 AMC
4/29/2020Wed11:30 AM12:20 PMC
4/29/2020Wed2:50 PM3:40 PMC
4/29/2020Wed7:30 PM8:20 PMC
4/29/2020Wed8:30 PM9:30 PMC
4/29/2020Wed9:40 PM10:35 PMC
4/30/2020Thu7:00 AM8:00 AMA
4/30/2020Thu8:10 AM9:10 AMA
4/30/2020Thu9:20 AM10:20 AMA
4/30/2020Thu10:30 AM11:30 AMA
4/30/2020Thu11:40 AM12:50 PMA
4/30/2020Thu7:20 PM8:20 PMA
4/30/2020Thu8:30 PM9:30 PMA
4/30/2020Thu9:40 PM10:35 PMA
4/30/2020Thu6:30 AM7:20 AMC
4/30/2020Thu7:30 AM8:20 AMC
4/30/2020Thu8:30 AM9:20 AMC
4/30/2020Thu9:30 AM10:20 AMC
4/30/2020Thu10:30 AM11:20 AMC
4/30/2020Thu11:30 AM12:20 PMC
4/30/2020Thu3:00 PM3:40 PMC
4/30/2020Thu3:50 PM4:50 PMC
4/30/2020Thu5:00 PM5:10 PMC
4/30/2020Thu5:20 PM7:00 PMC
4/30/2020Thu7:10 PM8:00 PMC
4/30/2020Thu8:10 PM9:00 PMC
4/30/2020Thu9:10 PM10:05 PMC
4/30/2020Thu10:15 PM11:10 PMC
5/1/2020Fri6:20 AM7:20 AMA
5/1/2020Fri7:30 AM8:30 AMA
5/1/2020Fri8:40 AM9:40 AMA
5/1/2020Fri9:50 AM10:50 AMA
5/1/2020Fri11:00 AM12:20 PMA
5/1/2020Fri12:30 PM1:20 PMA
5/1/2020Fri1:30 PM2:40 PMA
5/1/2020Fri2:50 PM3:40 PMA
5/1/2020Fri3:50 PM4:20 PMA
5/1/2020Fri6:10 PM7:10 PMA
5/1/2020Fri7:20 PM8:15 PMA
5/1/2020Fri6:10 AM7:10 AMC
5/1/2020Fri7:20 AM8:20 AMC
5/1/2020Fri8:30 AM9:30 AMC
5/1/2020Fri9:40 AM10:40 AMC
5/1/2020Fri10:50 AM11:50 AMC
5/1/2020Fri12:00 PM12:20 PMC
5/1/2020Fri12:30 PM2:15 PMC
5/1/2020Fri2:25 PM2:40 PMC
5/1/2020Fri6:00 PM7:10 PMC
5/1/2020Fri7:20 PM7:30 PMC
5/1/2020Fri7:40 PM8:30 PMC
5/1/2020Fri8:40 PM9:40 PMC
5/1/2020Fri9:50 PM10:45 PMC
5/2/2020Sat1:00 PM1:30 PMA
5/2/2020Sat1:40 PM2:50 PMA
5/2/2020Sat6:00 AM6:50 AMC
5/2/2020Sat7:00 AM7:50 AMC
5/2/2020Sat11:50 AM12:50 PMC
5/2/2020Sat1:00 PM2:00 PMC
5/4/2020Mon7:00 AM8:00 AMA
5/4/2020Mon8:10 AM9:10 AMA
5/4/2020Mon9:20 AM10:20 AMA
5/4/2020Mon10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/4/2020Mon11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/4/2020Mon7:10 PM8:00 PMA
5/4/2020Mon9:20 PM10:15 PMA
5/4/2020Mon6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/4/2020Mon7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/4/2020Mon8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/4/2020Mon9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/4/2020Mon10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/4/2020Mon11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/4/2020Mon12:30 PM1:20 PMC
5/4/2020Mon1:30 PM2:50 PMC
5/4/2020Mon3:00 PM3:50 PMC
5/4/2020Mon4:00 PM4:50 PMC
5/4/2020Mon5:00 PM5:50 PMC
5/4/2020Mon6:00 PM6:50 PMC
5/4/2020Mon7:00 PM7:50 PMC
5/4/2020Mon8:00 PM9:00 PMC
5/4/2020Mon9:10 PM10:05 PMC
5/4/2020Mon10:15 PM11:10 PMC
5/5/2020Tue7:00 AM8:00 AMA
5/5/2020Tue8:10 AM9:05 AMA
5/5/2020Tue10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/5/2020Tue11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/5/2020Tue7:10 PM8:00 PMA
5/5/2020Tue10:30 PM11:25 PMA
5/5/2020Tue6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/5/2020Tue7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/5/2020Tue8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/5/2020Tue9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/5/2020Tue10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/5/2020Tue11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/5/2020Tue2:10 PM3:00 PMC
5/5/2020Tue3:10 PM4:10 PMC
5/5/2020Tue4:20 PM5:20 PMC
5/5/2020Tue5:30 PM6:30 PMC
5/5/2020Tue6:40 PM7:40 PMC
5/6/2020Wed8:10 AM9:10 AMA
5/6/2020Wed9:20 AM10:20 AMA
5/6/2020Wed10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/6/2020Wed11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/6/2020Wed7:20 PM8:10 PMA
5/6/2020Wed6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/6/2020Wed7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/6/2020Wed8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/6/2020Wed9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/6/2020Wed10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/6/2020Wed11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/6/2020Wed2:50 PM3:40 PMC
5/7/2020Thu7:00 AM8:00 AMA
5/7/2020Thu8:10 AM9:10 AMA
5/7/2020Thu9:20 AM10:20 AMA
5/7/2020Thu10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/7/2020Thu11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/7/2020Thu6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/7/2020Thu7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/7/2020Thu8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/7/2020Thu9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/7/2020Thu10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/7/2020Thu11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/7/2020Thu3:00 PM3:40 PMC
5/7/2020Thu3:50 PM4:50 PMC
5/7/2020Thu5:00 PM5:10 PMC
5/7/2020Thu5:20 PM7:00 PMC
5/7/2020Thu7:10 PM8:00 PMC
5/7/2020Thu8:10 PM9:00 PMC
5/7/2020Thu9:10 PM10:05 PMC
5/7/2020Thu10:15 PM11:10 PMC
5/8/2020Fri6:20 AM7:20 AMA
5/8/2020Fri7:30 AM8:30 AMA
5/8/2020Fri8:40 AM9:40 AMA
5/8/2020Fri9:50 AM10:50 AMA
5/8/2020Fri11:00 AM12:20 PMA
5/8/2020Fri12:30 PM1:20 PMA
5/8/2020Fri1:30 PM2:40 PMA
5/8/2020Fri2:50 PM3:40 PMA
5/8/2020Fri3:50 PM4:20 PMA
5/8/2020Fri6:10 PM7:10 PMA
5/8/2020Fri7:20 PM8:15 PMA
5/8/2020Fri6:10 AM7:10 AMC
5/8/2020Fri7:20 AM8:20 AMC
5/8/2020Fri8:30 AM9:30 AMC
5/8/2020Fri9:40 AM10:40 AMC
5/8/2020Fri10:50 AM11:50 AMC
5/8/2020Fri12:00 PM12:20 PMC
5/8/2020Fri12:30 PM2:15 PMC
5/8/2020Fri2:25 PM2:40 PMC
5/8/2020Fri6:00 PM7:10 PMC
5/8/2020Fri7:20 PM7:30 PMC
5/8/2020Fri7:40 PM8:30 PMC
5/8/2020Fri8:40 PM9:40 PMC
5/8/2020Fri9:50 PM10:45 PMC
5/9/2020Sat1:00 PM1:30 PMA
5/9/2020Sat1:40 PM2:50 PMA
5/9/2020Sat6:00 AM6:50 AMC
5/9/2020Sat7:00 AM7:50 AMC
5/9/2020Sat11:50 AM12:50 PMC
5/9/2020Sat1:00 PM2:00 PMC
5/11/2020Mon7:00 AM8:00 AMA
5/11/2020Mon8:10 AM9:10 AMA
5/11/2020Mon9:20 AM10:20 AMA
5/11/2020Mon10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/11/2020Mon11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/11/2020Mon7:10 PM8:00 PMA
5/11/2020Mon9:20 PM10:15 PMA
5/11/2020Mon6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/11/2020Mon7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/11/2020Mon8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/11/2020Mon9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/11/2020Mon10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/11/2020Mon11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/11/2020Mon12:30 PM1:20 PMC
5/11/2020Mon1:30 PM2:50 PMC
5/11/2020Mon3:00 PM3:50 PMC
5/11/2020Mon4:00 PM4:50 PMC
5/11/2020Mon5:00 PM5:50 PMC
5/11/2020Mon6:00 PM6:50 PMC
5/11/2020Mon7:00 PM7:50 PMC
5/11/2020Mon8:00 PM9:00 PMC
5/11/2020Mon9:10 PM10:05 PMC
5/11/2020Mon10:15 PM11:10 PMC
5/12/2020Tue7:00 AM8:00 AMA
5/12/2020Tue8:10 AM9:05 AMA
5/12/2020Tue10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/12/2020Tue11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/12/2020Tue7:10 PM8:00 PMA
5/12/2020Tue6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/12/2020Tue7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/12/2020Tue8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/12/2020Tue9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/12/2020Tue10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/12/2020Tue11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/12/2020Tue2:50 PM3:40 PMC
5/12/2020Tue3:50 PM4:50 PMC
5/12/2020Tue5:00 PM5:20 PMC
5/12/2020Tue5:30 PM6:20 PMC
5/12/2020Tue10:10 PM11:05 PMC
5/13/2020Wed8:10 AM9:10 AMA
5/13/2020Wed9:20 AM10:20 AMA
5/13/2020Wed10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/13/2020Wed11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/13/2020Wed7:20 PM8:10 PMA
5/13/2020Wed6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/13/2020Wed7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/13/2020Wed8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/13/2020Wed9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/13/2020Wed10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/13/2020Wed11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/13/2020Wed2:50 PM3:40 PMC
5/14/2020Thu7:00 AM8:00 AMA
5/14/2020Thu8:10 AM9:10 AMA
5/14/2020Thu9:20 AM10:20 AMA
5/14/2020Thu10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/14/2020Thu11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/14/2020Thu6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/14/2020Thu7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/14/2020Thu8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/14/2020Thu9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/14/2020Thu10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/14/2020Thu11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/14/2020Thu3:00 PM3:40 PMC
5/14/2020Thu3:50 PM4:50 PMC
5/14/2020Thu5:00 PM5:10 PMC
5/14/2020Thu5:20 PM7:00 PMC
5/14/2020Thu7:10 PM8:00 PMC
5/14/2020Thu8:10 PM9:00 PMC
5/14/2020Thu9:10 PM10:05 PMC
5/14/2020Thu10:15 PM11:10 PMC
5/15/2020Fri6:10 AM7:10 AMC
5/15/2020Fri7:20 AM8:20 AMC
5/15/2020Fri8:30 AM9:30 AMC
5/15/2020Fri9:40 AM10:40 AMC
5/15/2020Fri10:50 AM11:50 AMC
5/15/2020Fri12:00 PM12:20 PMC
5/15/2020Fri12:30 PM1:20 PMC
5/15/2020Fri1:30 PM2:50 PMC
5/15/2020Fri9:50 PM10:45 PMC
5/18/2020Mon7:00 AM8:00 AMA
5/18/2020Mon8:10 AM9:10 AMA
5/18/2020Mon9:20 AM10:20 AMA
5/18/2020Mon10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/18/2020Mon11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/18/2020Mon6:30 PM7:30 PMA
5/18/2020Mon8:50 PM9:50 PMA
5/18/2020Mon10:00 PM10:55 PMA
5/18/2020Mon6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/18/2020Mon7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/18/2020Mon8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/18/2020Mon9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/18/2020Mon10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/18/2020Mon11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/18/2020Mon12:30 PM1:20 PMC
5/18/2020Mon1:30 PM2:50 PMC
5/18/2020Mon4:40 PM5:40 PMC
5/18/2020Mon5:50 PM6:50 PMC
5/18/2020Mon7:00 PM8:00 PMC
5/18/2020Mon8:10 PM9:10 PMC
5/18/2020Mon9:20 PM10:15 PMC
5/19/2020Tue7:00 AM8:00 AMA
5/19/2020Tue8:10 AM9:05 AMA
5/19/2020Tue10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/19/2020Tue11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/19/2020Tue6:30 PM7:30 PMA
5/19/2020Tue6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/19/2020Tue7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/19/2020Tue8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/19/2020Tue9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/19/2020Tue10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/19/2020Tue11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/19/2020Tue12:30 PM1:20 PMC
5/19/2020Tue1:30 PM2:40 PMC
5/19/2020Tue5:10 PM6:10 PMC
5/19/2020Tue6:20 PM7:50 PMC
5/20/2020Wed8:10 AM9:10 AMA
5/20/2020Wed9:20 AM10:20 AMA
5/20/2020Wed10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/20/2020Wed11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/20/2020Wed6:30 PM7:30 PMA
5/20/2020Wed10:00 PM10:55 PMA
5/20/2020Wed6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/20/2020Wed7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/20/2020Wed8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/20/2020Wed9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/20/2020Wed10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/20/2020Wed11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/20/2020Wed12:30 PM1:20 PMC
5/20/2020Wed1:30 PM2:50 PMC
5/21/2020Thu7:00 AM8:00 AMA
5/21/2020Thu8:10 AM9:10 AMA
5/21/2020Thu9:20 AM10:20 AMA
5/21/2020Thu10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/21/2020Thu11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/21/2020Thu6:30 PM7:30 PMA
5/21/2020Thu6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/21/2020Thu7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/21/2020Thu8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/21/2020Thu9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/21/2020Thu10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/21/2020Thu11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/21/2020Thu12:30 PM1:20 PMC
5/21/2020Thu1:30 PM2:50 PMC
5/21/2020Thu5:10 PM6:10 PMC
5/21/2020Thu6:20 PM7:20 PMC
5/21/2020Thu7:30 PM8:30 PMC
5/21/2020Thu8:40 PM9:35 PMC
5/23/2020Sat6:00 AM6:50 AMC
5/23/2020Sat7:00 AM7:50 AMC
5/25/2020Mon12:30 PM1:20 PMC
5/25/2020Mon1:30 PM2:50 PMC
5/25/2020Mon4:40 PM5:40 PMC
5/25/2020Mon5:50 PM6:50 PMC
5/25/2020Mon7:00 PM8:00 PMC
5/25/2020Mon8:10 PM9:10 PMC
5/25/2020Mon9:20 PM10:15 PMC
5/26/2020Tue7:00 AM8:00 AMA
5/26/2020Tue8:10 AM9:05 AMA
5/26/2020Tue10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/26/2020Tue11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/26/2020Tue6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/26/2020Tue7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/26/2020Tue8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/26/2020Tue9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/26/2020Tue10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/26/2020Tue11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/26/2020Tue12:30 PM1:20 PMC
5/26/2020Tue1:30 PM2:40 PMC
5/26/2020Tue5:10 PM6:10 PMC
5/26/2020Tue6:20 PM7:50 PMC
5/27/2020Wed8:10 AM9:10 AMA
5/27/2020Wed9:20 AM10:20 AMA
5/27/2020Wed10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/27/2020Wed11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/27/2020Wed6:30 PM7:30 PMA
5/27/2020Wed10:00 PM10:55 PMA
5/27/2020Wed6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/27/2020Wed7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/27/2020Wed8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/27/2020Wed9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/27/2020Wed10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/27/2020Wed11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/27/2020Wed12:30 PM1:20 PMC
5/27/2020Wed1:30 PM2:50 PMC
5/28/2020Thu7:00 AM8:00 AMA
5/28/2020Thu8:10 AM9:10 AMA
5/28/2020Thu9:20 AM10:20 AMA
5/28/2020Thu10:30 AM11:30 AMA
5/28/2020Thu11:40 AM12:50 PMA
5/28/2020Thu6:30 PM7:30 PMA
5/28/2020Thu6:30 AM7:20 AMC
5/28/2020Thu7:30 AM8:20 AMC
5/28/2020Thu8:30 AM9:20 AMC
5/28/2020Thu9:30 AM10:20 AMC
5/28/2020Thu10:30 AM11:20 AMC
5/28/2020Thu11:30 AM12:20 PMC
5/28/2020Thu12:30 PM1:20 PMC
5/28/2020Thu1:30 PM2:50 PMC
5/28/2020Thu5:10 PM6:10 PMC
5/28/2020Thu6:20 PM7:20 PMC
5/28/2020Thu7:30 PM8:30 PMC
5/28/2020Thu8:40 PM9:35 PMC
5/29/2020Fri6:20 AM7:20 AMA
5/29/2020Fri7:30 AM8:30 AMA
5/29/2020Fri8:40 AM9:40 AMA
5/29/2020Fri9:50 AM10:50 AMA
5/29/2020Fri11:00 AM12:20 PMA
5/29/2020Fri12:30 PM1:20 PMA
5/29/2020Fri1:30 PM2:15 PMA
5/29/2020Fri6:20 PM7:20 PMA
5/29/2020Fri7:30 PM8:30 PMA
5/29/2020Fri8:40 PM9:40 PMA
5/29/2020Fri9:50 PM10:45 PMA
5/29/2020Fri6:10 AM7:10 AMC
5/29/2020Fri7:20 AM8:20 AMC
5/29/2020Fri8:30 AM9:30 AMC
5/29/2020Fri9:40 AM10:40 AMC
5/29/2020Fri10:50 AM11:50 AMC
5/29/2020Fri12:00 PM12:50 PMC
5/29/2020Fri1:00 PM1:50 PMC
5/29/2020Fri2:00 PM2:50 PMC
5/29/2020Fri3:00 PM3:50 PMC
5/29/2020Fri4:00 PM4:50 PMC
5/29/2020Fri6:00 PM6:50 PMC
5/29/2020Fri7:00 PM7:50 PMC
5/29/2020Fri8:00 PM8:50 PMC
5/29/2020Fri9:00 PM9:55 PMC
5/30/2020Sat12:40 PM1:40 PMA
5/30/2020Sat1:50 PM2:50 PMA
5/30/2020Sat6:00 AM6:50 AMC
5/30/2020Sat7:00 AM7:50 AMC
5/30/2020Sat11:50 AM12:50 PMC
5/30/2020Sat1:00 PM2:00 PMC
6/1/2020Mon7:00 AM8:00 AMA
6/1/2020Mon8:10 AM9:10 AMA
6/1/2020Mon9:20 AM10:20 AMA
6/1/2020Mon10:30 AM11:30 AMA
6/1/2020Mon11:40 AM12:50 PMA
6/1/2020Mon6:20 PM7:20 PMA
6/1/2020Mon9:50 PM10:45 PMA
6/1/2020Mon6:30 AM7:20 AMC
6/1/2020Mon7:30 AM8:20 AMC
6/1/2020Mon8:30 AM9:20 AMC
6/1/2020Mon9:30 AM10:20 AMC
6/1/2020Mon10:30 AM11:20 AMC
6/1/2020Mon11:30 AM12:20 PMC
6/1/2020Mon12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/1/2020Mon1:30 PM2:50 PMC
6/1/2020Mon4:50 PM5:50 PMC
6/1/2020Mon9:30 PM10:25 PMC
6/2/2020Tue7:00 AM8:00 AMA
6/2/2020Tue8:10 AM9:05 AMA
6/2/2020Tue10:30 AM11:30 AMA
6/2/2020Tue11:40 AM12:50 PMA
6/2/2020Tue6:30 AM7:20 AMC
6/2/2020Tue7:30 AM8:20 AMC
6/2/2020Tue8:30 AM9:20 AMC
6/2/2020Tue9:30 AM10:20 AMC
6/2/2020Tue10:30 AM11:20 AMC
6/2/2020Tue11:30 AM12:20 PMC
6/2/2020Tue12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/2/2020Tue1:30 PM2:40 PMC
6/2/2020Tue5:10 PM6:10 PMC
6/2/2020Tue6:20 PM7:50 PMC
6/2/2020Tue10:20 PM11:15 PMC
6/3/2020Wed8:10 AM9:10 AMA
6/3/2020Wed9:20 AM10:20 AMA
6/3/2020Wed10:30 AM11:30 AMA
6/3/2020Wed11:40 AM12:50 PMA
6/3/2020Wed10:50 PM11:45 PMA
6/3/2020Wed6:30 AM7:20 AMC
6/3/2020Wed7:30 AM8:20 AMC
6/3/2020Wed8:30 AM9:20 AMC
6/3/2020Wed9:30 AM10:20 AMC
6/3/2020Wed10:30 AM11:20 AMC
6/3/2020Wed11:30 AM12:20 PMC
6/3/2020Wed12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/3/2020Wed1:30 PM2:50 PMC
6/4/2020Thu7:00 AM8:00 AMA
6/4/2020Thu8:10 AM9:10 AMA
6/4/2020Thu9:20 AM10:20 AMA
6/4/2020Thu10:30 AM11:30 AMA
6/4/2020Thu11:40 AM12:50 PMA
6/4/2020Thu6:30 PM7:30 PMA
6/4/2020Thu6:30 AM7:20 AMC
6/4/2020Thu7:30 AM8:20 AMC
6/4/2020Thu8:30 AM9:20 AMC
6/4/2020Thu9:30 AM10:20 AMC
6/4/2020Thu10:30 AM11:20 AMC
6/4/2020Thu11:30 AM12:20 PMC
6/4/2020Thu12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/4/2020Thu1:30 PM2:50 PMC
6/4/2020Thu8:30 PM9:30 PMC
6/4/2020Thu9:40 PM10:35 PMC
6/5/2020Fri6:20 AM7:20 AMA
6/5/2020Fri7:30 AM8:30 AMA
6/5/2020Fri8:40 AM9:40 AMA
6/5/2020Fri9:50 AM10:50 AMA
6/5/2020Fri11:00 AM12:20 PMA
6/5/2020Fri12:30 PM1:20 PMA
6/5/2020Fri1:30 PM2:15 PMA
6/5/2020Fri6:20 PM7:20 PMA
6/5/2020Fri7:30 PM8:30 PMA
6/5/2020Fri8:40 PM9:40 PMA
6/5/2020Fri9:50 PM10:45 PMA
6/5/2020Fri7:00 AM7:50 AMC
6/5/2020Fri8:00 AM8:50 AMC
6/5/2020Fri9:00 AM9:50 AMC
6/5/2020Fri10:00 AM10:50 AMC
6/5/2020Fri11:00 AM11:50 AMC
6/5/2020Fri12:00 PM12:50 PMC
6/5/2020Fri1:00 PM1:50 PMC
6/5/2020Fri2:00 PM2:50 PMC
6/5/2020Fri3:00 PM3:50 PMC
6/5/2020Fri4:00 PM4:50 PMC
6/5/2020Fri6:00 PM6:50 PMC
6/5/2020Fri7:00 PM7:50 PMC
6/5/2020Fri8:00 PM8:50 PMC
6/5/2020Fri9:00 PM9:55 PMC
6/6/2020Sat12:40 PM1:40 PMA
6/6/2020Sat1:50 PM2:50 PMA
6/6/2020Sat6:00 AM6:50 AMC
6/6/2020Sat7:00 AM7:50 AMC
6/6/2020Sat11:50 AM12:50 PMC
6/6/2020Sat1:00 PM2:00 PMC
6/8/2020Mon7:00 AM8:00 AMA
6/8/2020Mon8:10 AM9:10 AMA
6/8/2020Mon9:20 AM10:20 AMA
6/8/2020Mon10:30 AM11:30 AMA
6/8/2020Mon11:40 AM12:50 PMA
6/8/2020Mon6:20 PM7:20 PMA
6/8/2020Mon9:50 PM10:45 PMA
6/8/2020Mon6:30 AM7:20 AMC
6/8/2020Mon7:30 AM8:20 AMC
6/8/2020Mon8:30 AM9:20 AMC
6/8/2020Mon9:30 AM10:20 AMC
6/8/2020Mon10:30 AM11:20 AMC
6/8/2020Mon11:30 AM12:20 PMC
6/8/2020Mon12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/8/2020Mon1:30 PM2:50 PMC
6/8/2020Mon4:50 PM5:50 PMC
6/8/2020Mon9:30 PM10:25 PMC
6/9/2020Tue7:00 AM8:00 AMA
6/9/2020Tue8:10 AM9:05 AMA
6/9/2020Tue10:30 AM11:30 AMA
6/9/2020Tue11:40 AM12:50 PMA
6/9/2020Tue6:30 AM7:20 AMC
6/9/2020Tue7:30 AM8:20 AMC
6/9/2020Tue8:30 AM9:20 AMC
6/9/2020Tue9:30 AM10:20 AMC
6/9/2020Tue10:30 AM11:20 AMC
6/9/2020Tue11:30 AM12:20 PMC
6/9/2020Tue12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/9/2020Tue1:30 PM2:40 PMC
6/9/2020Tue5:10 PM6:10 PMC
6/9/2020Tue6:20 PM7:50 PMC
6/9/2020Tue10:20 PM11:15 PMC
6/10/2020Wed8:10 AM9:10 AMA
6/10/2020Wed9:20 AM10:20 AMA
6/10/2020Wed10:30 AM11:30 AMA
6/10/2020Wed11:40 AM12:50 PMA
6/10/2020Wed10:50 PM11:45 PMA
6/10/2020Wed6:30 AM7:20 AMC
6/10/2020Wed7:30 AM8:20 AMC
6/10/2020Wed8:30 AM9:20 AMC
6/10/2020Wed9:30 AM10:20 AMC
6/10/2020Wed10:30 AM11:20 AMC
6/10/2020Wed11:30 AM12:20 PMC
6/10/2020Wed12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/10/2020Wed1:30 PM2:50 PMC
6/11/2020Thu7:00 AM8:00 AMA
6/11/2020Thu8:10 AM9:10 AMA
6/11/2020Thu9:20 AM10:20 AMA
6/11/2020Thu10:30 AM11:30 AMA
6/11/2020Thu11:40 AM12:50 PMA
6/11/2020Thu6:30 PM7:30 PMA
6/11/2020Thu6:30 AM7:20 AMC
6/11/2020Thu7:30 AM8:20 AMC
6/11/2020Thu8:30 AM9:20 AMC
6/11/2020Thu9:30 AM10:20 AMC
6/11/2020Thu10:30 AM11:20 AMC
6/11/2020Thu11:30 AM12:20 PMC
6/11/2020Thu12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/11/2020Thu1:30 PM2:50 PMC
6/11/2020Thu8:30 PM9:30 PMC
6/11/2020Thu9:40 PM10:35 PMC
6/12/2020Fri6:20 AM7:20 AMA
6/12/2020Fri7:30 AM8:30 AMA
6/12/2020Fri8:40 AM9:40 AMA
6/12/2020Fri9:50 AM10:50 AMA
6/12/2020Fri11:00 AM12:20 PMA
6/12/2020Fri12:30 PM1:20 PMA
6/12/2020Fri1:30 PM2:15 PMA
6/12/2020Fri6:20 PM7:20 PMA
6/12/2020Fri7:30 PM8:30 PMA
6/12/2020Fri8:40 PM9:40 PMA
6/12/2020Fri9:50 PM10:45 PMA
6/12/2020Fri6:10 AM7:10 AMC
6/12/2020Fri7:20 AM8:20 AMC
6/12/2020Fri8:30 AM9:30 AMC
6/12/2020Fri9:40 AM10:40 AMC
6/12/2020Fri10:50 AM11:50 AMC
6/12/2020Fri12:00 PM12:20 PMC
6/12/2020Fri12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/12/2020Fri1:30 PM2:50 PMC
6/12/2020Fri3:00 PM3:50 PMC
6/12/2020Fri4:00 PM4:50 PMC
6/12/2020Fri6:00 PM6:50 PMC
6/12/2020Fri7:00 PM7:50 PMC
6/12/2020Fri8:00 PM8:50 PMC
6/12/2020Fri9:00 PM9:55 PMC
6/13/2020Sat12:40 PM1:40 PMA
6/13/2020Sat1:50 PM2:50 PMA
6/13/2020Sat6:00 AM6:50 AMC
6/13/2020Sat7:00 AM7:50 AMC
6/13/2020Sat11:50 AM12:50 PMC
6/13/2020Sat1:00 PM2:00 PMC
6/15/2020Mon7:00 AM8:00 AMA
6/15/2020Mon8:10 AM9:10 AMA
6/15/2020Mon9:20 AM10:20 AMA
6/15/2020Mon10:30 AM11:30 AMA
6/15/2020Mon11:40 AM12:50 PMA
6/15/2020Mon6:20 PM7:20 PMA
6/15/2020Mon9:50 PM10:45 PMA
6/15/2020Mon6:30 AM7:20 AMC
6/15/2020Mon7:30 AM8:20 AMC
6/15/2020Mon8:30 AM9:20 AMC
6/15/2020Mon9:30 AM10:20 AMC
6/15/2020Mon10:30 AM11:20 AMC
6/15/2020Mon11:30 AM12:20 PMC
6/15/2020Mon12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/15/2020Mon1:30 PM2:50 PMC
6/15/2020Mon4:50 PM5:50 PMC
6/15/2020Mon9:30 PM10:25 PMC
6/16/2020Tue7:00 AM8:00 AMA
6/16/2020Tue8:10 AM9:05 AMA
6/16/2020Tue10:30 AM11:30 AMA
6/16/2020Tue11:40 AM12:50 PMA
6/16/2020Tue6:30 AM7:20 AMC
6/16/2020Tue7:30 AM8:20 AMC
6/16/2020Tue8:30 AM9:20 AMC
6/16/2020Tue9:30 AM10:20 AMC
6/16/2020Tue10:30 AM11:20 AMC
6/16/2020Tue11:30 AM12:20 PMC
6/16/2020Tue12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/16/2020Tue1:30 PM2:40 PMC
6/16/2020Tue5:10 PM6:10 PMC
6/16/2020Tue6:20 PM7:50 PMC
6/16/2020Tue10:20 PM11:15 PMC
6/17/2020Wed8:10 AM9:10 AMA
6/17/2020Wed9:20 AM10:20 AMA
6/17/2020Wed10:30 AM11:30 AMA
6/17/2020Wed11:40 AM12:50 PMA
6/17/2020Wed10:50 PM11:45 PMA
6/17/2020Wed6:30 AM7:20 AMC
6/17/2020Wed7:30 AM8:20 AMC
6/17/2020Wed8:30 AM9:20 AMC
6/17/2020Wed9:30 AM10:20 AMC
6/17/2020Wed10:30 AM11:20 AMC
6/17/2020Wed11:30 AM12:20 PMC
6/17/2020Wed12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/17/2020Wed1:30 PM2:50 PMC
6/18/2020Thu7:00 AM8:00 AMA
6/18/2020Thu8:10 AM9:10 AMA
6/18/2020Thu9:20 AM10:20 AMA
6/18/2020Thu10:30 AM11:30 AMA
6/18/2020Thu11:40 AM12:50 PMA
6/18/2020Thu6:30 PM7:30 PMA
6/18/2020Thu6:30 AM7:20 AMC
6/18/2020Thu7:30 AM8:20 AMC
6/18/2020Thu8:30 AM9:20 AMC
6/18/2020Thu9:30 AM10:20 AMC
6/18/2020Thu10:30 AM11:20 AMC
6/18/2020Thu11:30 AM12:20 PMC
6/18/2020Thu12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/18/2020Thu1:30 PM2:50 PMC
6/18/2020Thu8:30 PM9:30 PMC
6/18/2020Thu9:40 PM10:35 PMC
6/19/2020Fri6:20 AM7:20 AMA
6/19/2020Fri7:30 AM8:30 AMA
6/19/2020Fri8:40 AM9:40 AMA
6/19/2020Fri9:50 AM10:50 AMA
6/19/2020Fri11:00 AM12:20 PMA
6/19/2020Fri12:30 PM1:20 PMA
6/19/2020Fri1:30 PM2:15 PMA
6/19/2020Fri6:20 PM7:20 PMA
6/19/2020Fri7:30 PM8:30 PMA
6/19/2020Fri8:40 PM9:40 PMA
6/19/2020Fri9:50 PM10:45 PMA
6/19/2020Fri6:10 AM7:10 AMC
6/19/2020Fri7:20 AM8:20 AMC
6/19/2020Fri8:30 AM9:30 AMC
6/19/2020Fri9:40 AM10:40 AMC
6/19/2020Fri10:50 AM11:50 AMC
6/19/2020Fri12:00 PM12:20 PMC
6/19/2020Fri12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/19/2020Fri1:30 PM2:50 PMC
6/19/2020Fri3:00 PM3:50 PMC
6/19/2020Fri4:00 PM4:50 PMC
6/19/2020Fri6:00 PM6:50 PMC
6/19/2020Fri7:00 PM7:50 PMC
6/19/2020Fri8:00 PM8:50 PMC
6/19/2020Fri9:00 PM9:50 PMC
6/19/2020Fri10:00 PM10:55 PMC
6/20/2020Sat12:40 PM1:40 PMA
6/20/2020Sat1:50 PM2:50 PMA
6/20/2020Sat6:00 AM6:50 AMC
6/20/2020Sat7:00 AM7:50 AMC
6/20/2020Sat11:50 AM12:50 PMC
6/20/2020Sat1:00 PM2:00 PMC
6/22/2020Mon7:00 AM7:50 AMA
6/22/2020Mon8:00 AM8:50 AMA
6/22/2020Mon9:00 AM9:50 AMA
6/22/2020Mon10:00 AM10:50 AMA
6/22/2020Mon11:00 AM11:50 AMA
6/22/2020Mon6:20 PM7:20 PMA
6/22/2020Mon9:50 PM10:45 PMA
6/22/2020Mon5:00 AM6:00 AMC
6/22/2020Mon6:10 AM7:10 AMC
6/22/2020Mon7:20 AM8:20 AMC
6/22/2020Mon8:30 AM9:30 AMC
6/22/2020Mon9:40 AM10:40 AMC
6/22/2020Mon10:50 AM11:50 AMC
6/22/2020Mon12:00 PM1:30 PMC
6/22/2020Mon1:40 PM2:50 PMC
6/22/2020Mon4:50 PM5:50 PMC
6/22/2020Mon9:30 PM10:25 PMC
6/23/2020Tue6:20 AM7:20 AMA
6/23/2020Tue7:30 AM8:30 AMA
6/23/2020Tue8:40 AM9:40 AMA
6/23/2020Tue4:10 PM5:00 PMA
6/23/2020Tue5:10 PM6:20 PMA
6/23/2020Tue5:00 AM6:00 AMC
6/23/2020Tue6:10 AM7:10 AMC
6/23/2020Tue7:20 AM8:20 AMC
6/23/2020Tue8:30 AM9:30 AMC
6/23/2020Tue9:40 AM11:20 AMC
6/23/2020Tue2:10 PM3:40 PMC
6/23/2020Tue3:50 PM4:50 PMC
6/24/2020Wed7:30 AM8:30 AMA
6/24/2020Wed8:40 AM9:40 AMA
6/24/2020Wed5:00 AM6:00 AMC
6/24/2020Wed6:10 AM7:10 AMC
6/24/2020Wed7:20 AM8:20 AMC
6/24/2020Wed8:30 AM9:30 AMC
6/24/2020Wed9:40 AM11:20 AMC
6/24/2020Wed12:30 PM1:20 PMC
6/24/2020Wed1:30 PM2:50 PMC
6/25/2020Thu6:20 AM7:20 AMA
6/25/2020Thu7:30 AM8:30 AMA
6/25/2020Thu8:40 AM9:40 AMA
6/25/2020Thu4:10 PM5:00 PMA
6/25/2020Thu5:10 PM6:10 PMA
6/25/2020Thu5:00 AM6:00 AMC
6/25/2020Thu6:10 AM7:10 AMC
6/25/2020Thu7:20 AM8:20 AMC
6/25/2020Thu8:30 AM9:30 AMC
6/25/2020Thu9:40 AM11:20 AMC
6/25/2020Thu2:10 PM3:40 PMC
6/25/2020Thu3:50 PM5:20 PMC
6/25/2020Thu10:10 PM11:05 PMC
6/29/2020Mon7:00 AM7:50 AMA
6/29/2020Mon8:00 AM8:50 AMA
6/29/2020Mon9:00 AM9:50 AMA
6/29/2020Mon10:00 AM10:50 AMA
6/29/2020Mon11:00 AM11:50 AMA
6/29/2020Mon6:20 PM7:20 PMA
6/29/2020Mon9:50 PM10:45 PMA
6/29/2020Mon5:00 AM6:00 AMC
6/29/2020Mon6:10 AM7:10 AMC
6/29/2020Mon7:20 AM8:20 AMC
6/29/2020Mon8:30 AM9:30 AMC
6/29/2020Mon9:40 AM10:40 AMC
6/29/2020Mon10:50 AM11:50 AMC
6/29/2020Mon12:00 PM1:30 PMC
6/29/2020Mon1:40 PM2:50 PMC
6/29/2020Mon4:50 PM5:50 PMC
6/29/2020Mon9:30 PM10:25 PMC
6/30/2020Tue6:20 AM7:20 AMA
6/30/2020Tue7:30 AM8:30 AMA
6/30/2020Tue8:40 AM9:40 AMA
6/30/2020Tue4:10 PM5:00 PMA
6/30/2020Tue5:10 PM6:20 PMA
6/30/2020Tue6:30 PM7:40 PMA
6/30/2020Tue5:00 AM6:00 AMC
6/30/2020Tue6:10 AM7:10 AMC
6/30/2020Tue7:20 AM8:20 AMC
6/30/2020Tue8:30 AM9:30 AMC
6/30/2020Tue9:40 AM11:20 AMC
6/30/2020Tue2:10 PM3:40 PMC
6/30/2020Tue3:50 PM4:50 PMC
7/1/2020Wed7:30 AM8:30 AMA
7/1/2020Wed8:40 AM9:40 AMA
7/1/2020Wed5:00 AM6:00 AMC
7/1/2020Wed6:10 AM7:10 AMC
7/1/2020Wed7:20 AM8:20 AMC
7/1/2020Wed8:30 AM9:30 AMC
7/1/2020Wed9:40 AM11:20 AMC
7/1/2020Wed12:30 PM1:20 PMC
7/1/2020Wed1:30 PM2:50 PMC
Other ice may be available. Email JoAnne at jbliss@northstaricesports.com for more information.